The ABC of lesbian sexual practices that you must know

If you feel attracted to women, if you want to try another girl or if you just want to know what are the best known lesbian sexual practices, this is your article.

In recent history, gay men have stood out many more than homosexual women. And is that lesbianism has not been so persecuted, so striking or so common in society, but it is also vital to speak to everyone very loud and clear of the rights of lesbians or all that contributes to normalize this sexual preference beyond the morbid that can give some men see two women making love.

The caresses, fundamental

It is likely that two girls are more prone to caresses than a heterosexual couple. And you know much better the female body than a man, and therefore you also know how to explore the erogenous zones of women better. In this way, the hands and lips reach a new dimension in lesbian sexual practices with London lesbian escort.

Rubbing the neck, nipples or groins with your hands or lips is essential to warm the environment. Hugs also reach a new level. Gently rubbing the breasts of both can be very exciting, as well as the vagina. Little by little, the caresses are more and more passionate and the moment of penetration arrives.

Lesbian penetration

Contrary to clich├ęs, penetration also exists in lesbian practices, it is even systematic. It can be through anal or vaginal sex, it can be done with the fingers, the hand, the tongue, erotic toys and dildos. Yes, the lesbian penetration can occur in a thousand different ways and the imagination here will be your great ally. Both oral sex practices are also ideal to stimulate and dilate the face area to introduce the finger or one of these incredible sex toys.

Conclusion: two types of penetration

Oral sex between lesbians has multiple possibilities. And it is that the tongue is a tool of infinite pleasure. The cunnilingus consists of using the lips, tongue and saliva to cause pleasure in the vagina. Another less common but also very pleasant practice is annilingus. It consists of introducing the tongue in the anus and is also a large erogenous zone due to its innumerable nerve endings, which cause a pleasant tingling similar to that of cunnilingus. Of course, it should be done to a couple of full confidence and hygiene in the area should be total.